About Us

THEWATCHSHOPLLC is brand born out of love and passion for luxury & style. It all started as a hobby of the founder. Eni always loved luxury watches and managed to get one many years ago. After a while, he sold it online and got another one and so on. Without any intention to start a business, the passion for watches started to take most of the time in his daily basis and this is how it all started…
One of the most exciting things about The Watch Shop is the way in which our community keeps growing. After 6 years of experience, we are now a group of young watch enthusiasts trying to please our clients everyday. We believe in the concept of recycling and collecting. We really love what we do and that’s why we give our clients more than they expect. We love items with their own history. We offer a wide range of selected used watches. They are subjected to a process of selection and classification based on the quality and type.
With many years of experience in this industry, we are now able to put rare pieces on your wrist! Our company is based in New Yersey. We strive to provide remarkable service to each client, giving them a unique shopping experience.